Fix a Blurry Blogger Profile Photo

UPDATE: There’s quite a few tutorials out there on the web with a script code that stopped working. Below you will find a solution that has been tested and works as of August 1, 2015.

Here’s a quick and easy fix for a blurry blogger profile photo.

The issue:

Blogger recently changed the default profile image size to 80px by 80px. If you have a custom blogger template chances are the designer has scaled the profile photo to fit the sidebar. Our Blogger templates such as Sara Davis or Always + Forever, use a blogger profile photo size of 250px. So what happens when 80px is scaled to 250px? A stretched out, blurry mess is what happens.

The fix:

It’s simple, all you have to do is add some code to an HTML/Javascript gadget in your sidebar or footer.


Here’s how:

Go to Layout and click “Add a Gadget” in either your sidebar or footer. Locate the HTML/Javascript and click the plus sign. Once the HTML/Javascript gadget window opens, copy the code below and place it in the text box area. Leave the title BLANK, so this gadget and code remains hidden, but working in the background.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var img = document.getElementsByClassName(“profile-img”);
img[0].setAttribute(“src”, img[0].getAttribute(“src”).replace(/s\B\d{2,4}/,’s’ + ‘256-c’));

Click save.

We recommend placing the HTML/ below your profile photo gadget in the sidebar.

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Blog Inspired – Everyone has a story


Inspiration isn’t hard to find, especially with the interwebs at our fingertips. It’s not unusual for me to have 15 browser windows open, post-it-notes scattered across my work space, and a mild flare up of what I call Carpal Typer Syndrome. Get it? Yeah, say that one 10 times fast.

But what REALLY inspires me most is the people I meet through Nudge Media Design.

For instance…

the mother who lost her sweet child at the age of 6 to cancer. She uses her photoblog to capture family memories and in her words “heal her heart.”


the fashion blogger who meticulously chooses clothing, shoes and accessories to adorn her from head to toe. She’s an artist of wearables. And even though most days I’m in sweatpants until noon, I’m inspired by the time she dedicates to each outfit. –


We can create blog theme after blog theme, but what makes them unique and downright awesome is the stories being told and we want to help share them. After all, everyone has a story right? Let’s be #bloginspired together.

Here’s how:

1) Send us a message introducing yourself with a link to your blog. If you aren’t using a blog theme from Nudge Media Design, that’s ok, we want to get to know you anyway.

2) Help us find you. Use the hashtag #bloginspired when you post to Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

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Introducing Vine & Lace for WordPress

Introducing Vine & Lace, a responsive WordPress theme.

Vine & Lace features a clean minimalist design, rotating image slider, multiple post and page formats, customizable fonts and colors, and a widget ready sidebar. Unleash your creativity and personalize Vine & Lace with our built-in “About” widget, Social Icon widget and post signature.

Vine & Lace is a handcrafted WordPress theme that’s sure to keep you #bloginspired.

After all, it’s about you, right?

View DemoBuy It

Build a Blog You Love – Beginners Guide

Build a blog you love! It’s easier than you think. We’ve put together 5 simple steps to get you up and running with a new WordPress blog in less than 30 minutes (give or take).

Step 1.  Domain name and web hosting

First you will need to aquire web hosting and a domain name to run WordPress. We use Bluehost to power our website and blog demos and highly recommend them. Think of it as renting a storage space to store your site’s files.

Bluehost is inexpensive starting at $3.95/mo and includes unlimited storage, a free domain name, email accounts and other helpful features.

Step 2.  Install WordPress on your hosting

Once you’ve signed up for hosting, assuming you are using Bluehost, use this helpful video tutorial or navigate to Hosting>cpanel and follow the steps below.

  1. Under the website builders section, click the Install WordPress icon.
  2. Click the green install button.
  3. Your domain name should appear. Now click Check Domain.
  4. From here you can either Install Now or choose to show advance options for selecting your WordPress username and password.
  5. Once WordPress is installed, use the login credentials Bluehost provides to access WordPress.

Step 3.  Choose your favorite theme

WordPress comes with a handful of build in themes, but if you want to add a more professional look, check out our WordPress themes and choose one that will best suit your blog content.

All of our themes come with detailed step-by-step instructions. They are customizable, responsive and include our outstanding customer support.

Step 4.  Upload your theme to WordPress

Once you’ve chosen a theme, login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance>Themes and click Add New.

If you are using one of our themes, make sure to unzip the file you downloaded from your email. Inside you will find a folder of installation instructions and the theme zip file.

To install and setup one of our themes, follow along with the step-by-step instructions. Should you have any questions or troubles, we’re here to help! Contact us via our support site.

Step 5.  Do a happy dance, then post and share.

We want to get to know you better. Here’s how:

  1. Send us a message introducing yourself with a link to your blog. If you aren’t using a blog theme from Nudge Media Design, that’s ok, we want to get to know you anyway!
  2. Help us find you. Use the hashtag #bloginspired when you post to Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

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Happy blogging!