Blog Inspired – Everyone has a story


Inspiration isn’t hard to find, especially with the interwebs at our fingertips. It’s not unusual for me to have 15 browser windows open, post-it-notes scattered across my work space, and a mild flare up of what I call Carpal Typer Syndrome. Get it? Yeah, say that one 10 times fast.

But what REALLY inspires me most is the people I meet through Nudge Media Design.

For instance…

the mother who lost her sweet child at the age of 6 to cancer. She uses her photoblog to capture family memories and in her words “heal her heart.”


the fashion blogger who meticulously chooses clothing, shoes and accessories to adorn her from head to toe. She’s an artist of wearables. And even though most days I’m in sweatpants until noon, I’m inspired by the time she dedicates to each outfit. –


We can create blog theme after blog theme, but what makes them unique and downright awesome is the stories being told and we want to help share them. After all, everyone has a story right? Let’s be #bloginspired together.

Here’s how:

1) Send us a message introducing yourself with a link to your blog. If you aren’t using a blog theme from Nudge Media Design, that’s ok, we want to get to know you anyway.

2) Help us find you. Use the hashtag #bloginspired when you post to Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

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